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Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazed Heat Exchanger

Compact Unit System

Hot Water Generator

Plate Coil

Spiral Heat Exchanger

Expansion Tank

Ball Valve



 Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger is consisted of covers, plain plate rolled spirally with pins. It can be used high viscosity liquid and the high fouled liquid process.


 Relatively High Design Pressure & Temperature

 High Efficiency

 Easy Maintenance

 Application on High Viscosity & High-Fouled Liquid




: SS304, SS316, Nickel alloy, Titanium & Etc.

 Max. Design Pressure

: 20 kg/cm2

 Max. Design Temperature

: 350 ~ 400



 Condenser ( Air to Liquid)

 Cooler & Heater (liquid to Liquid, Liquid to Air)