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Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazed Heat Exchanger

Compact Unit System

Hot Water Generator

Plate Coil

Spiral Heat Exchanger

Expansion Tank

Ball Valve



 Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) consists of chevron stainless steel plates and nozzle connections. These plates are compressed and brazed together with cooper or nickel depending on the application.
 Different from the gasket seal type, brazing type uses soldering material (cooper or nickel) to seal the exchanger. By applying high temperature in the vacuum environment at the manufacturing process, it melts down the soldering material to form the seal between each plate.



 Plate Material

: SS316

 Brazed Material

: 99.9% COPPER,  NICKEL.

 Max. Design Pressure

: 30 kg/cm2  (VACUUM)

 Max. Design Temperature

: -195 ~ 225





- Evaporators and Condensers in Chillers and Heat Pumps

- Heating Floors and Hot Water Tapping in District Heating System

- Fluid Isolation of Solar Energy System

- Hot Water Generators in Steam Application

 General Industrial Application


- Oil Cooling of Hydraulic System

- Water Cooling of Molding machines, Induction Furnaces and Plastic Injection Machines

- Heat Recovery System

- Heating and Cooling in Food Processing Industries